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Connie Buesgens for City Council

I’ve been a proud Columbia Heights resident for 21 years and have seen our community change and grow. I want to continue building an inclusive and forward-looking city that is prepared for the challenges ahead. Please vote this fall.

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Building a Stronger and More Vibrant Community Together

Below you will find brief summaries of my positions on topics that I believe are important to Columbia Heights. I would love to hear from you, please contact me so we can discuss what’s important to you and our city.


I love the diversity of our city! We have people from all over the world living here. On my street alone,  I have neighbors from Ecuador, Colombia, Russia, India, and Sweden. I want to continue to highlight and support the diversity in our community that makes ALL of our residents feel safe and welcome. Read More.


Just like all our residents, I love our parks in Columbia Heights. I would like to continue upgrading and investing in our recreation areas, including trails, soccer fields and a skate park. Read More.

Infrastructure & Transit

Improving our city’s infrastructure is very important to me. From sewer line replacements to safe sidewalks, good street lighting and more, investing properly now will put our community on a solid footing for today and tomorrow. Read More.


As a council member, my responsibility is to encourage investments to housing for all income levels and needs. We need to invest in affordable housing in our community, but also need to address the needs of those with higher incomes that would like to live in our community as well. It is important to maintain a balance. Read More.

Murzyn Hall

Murzyn Hall is a beloved city building that has been at the heart of our community for decades. I would like to invest the money saved from relocating city hall into renovating Murzyn Hall so it remains an open and inclusive space for all residents. Read More.


I am a strong advocate of investments in sustainability for Columbia Heights. I would like to work on creating a commission to address energy efficiency, clean water, equity, native plants and trees for redevelopment projects. Read More.


I would love to continue serving the residents of this great city. With your vote I will continue moving our city forward in a way that improves our quality of life in a sustainable manner for ALL residents to enjoy.

Connie Buesgens


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