Infrastructure & Transit

Improving our infrastructure is an exciting topic for me. A strong infrastructure improves the sustainability of our city. It makes sure that we get water, that we don’t have to worry about sewer backups, that storm water goes where it’s supposed to and not into our basement.  A strong infrastructure provides safe roads to travel on, sidewalks that allow us a safe way to walk in our city and good street lighting to keep us safe at night.

Rebuilding alleyways in Columbia Heights

Infrastructure is a component of our city that most people don’t need to think about, and I want to keep it that way. As your councilor, I supported investments in repairs and replacements to our aging infrastructure components, such as replacing storm drains and rebuilding alleys.

Infrastructure also deals with our energy sources. Right now we have four city buildings with solar arrays. This past year we added a solar subscription that will be operable in the near future. I would like to continue support for further projects that reduce our city’s energy use.

As your city council member, I would like to work on transforming our Traffic Commission from a stop sign commission to a transportation commission that focuses not only on stop signs but also on all the modes of transportation that get us from A to B: safe walking routes, bike routes, reduction in speeding, better lighting, bus routes, future autonomous car traffic, street improvements, scooters, etc.. All of these avenues of transportation are important and deserve a commission that focuses on these issues.

We can improve the access and functionality of our streets for all types of users. The future of transportation looks different than it is today, and we need to prepare our city to meet those needs.

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