Building a stronger and more vibrant community together.

Let’s continue building an inclusive and forward-looking city that is prepared for the challenges ahead. Vote Connie Buesgens for City Council.

Since 2016, I’ve been serving on the Columbia Heights City Council and would like to represent you for another term. I’ve been able to accomplish or make significant progress on many initiatives. Vote for Connie and let’s keep growing!

My priorities for the next four years

Increase Community Policing

I support increasing our Community Oriented Policing program to continue fostering strong relationships between community members and improve safety for all. Read More.

Redevelop our Downtown

I support the redevelopment of our downtown to include new independently owned businesses, housing, and gathering spaces. Read More.

Improve City Parks

Everyone loves Columbia Heights’ parks. I would like see more upgrades, such as regulation-size soccer fields, a skate board park, and more trails. Read More.

My local experience

As a proud citizen of Columbia Heights, I like to stay engaged and help drive the conversation for where we want our city to be in the future.

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Vote for Connie

We live in a changing world and I want to help Columbia Heights change with it. Let’s look forward together and continue to make our city a great place to live.
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  • Diversity
  • Parks
  • Infrastructure & Transit
  • Housing
  • Murzyn Hall
  • Sustainability
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Primary voting starts June 26th. The 2020 general election is Tuesday, November 3rd. Please come out and vote!

Learn more about Connie Buesgens

My work on the City Council

  • Housing
    As a council member, my responsibility is to encourage housing for all income levels and needs.  I definitely understand that there is a strong need for affordable housing across the state, however, we also need to address the needs ofContinue reading “Housing”
  • Diversity
    I love the diversity of our city! We have people from all over the world living here. On my street alone,  I have neighbors from Ecuador, Colombia, Russia, India, and Sweden.  I lived for twelve years in Seattle, where IContinue reading “Diversity”
  • Infrastructure & Transit
    Improving our infrastructure is an exciting topic for me. A strong infrastructure improves the sustainability of our city. It makes sure that we get water, that we don’t have to worry about sewer backups, that storm water goes where it’sContinue reading “Infrastructure & Transit”