As a council member, my responsibility is to encourage housing for all income levels and needs.  I definitely understand that there is a strong need for affordable housing across the state, however, we also need to address the needs of those with higher incomes that would like to live in our community as well. It is a delicate balance.

Early on in my term, I strongly supported the workforce housing project now known as Grand Central Flats. Over the last year, we have been working on our first luxury apartment project on Central and 40th Ave NE.  And now we are working on a project, in its early stages, that will offer affordable apartments for our residents and others who want to live in our great city.

A range and mix of housing options for all income levels is beneficial to a city. It is important to balance and grow city tax revenues so that we are able to make investments and improvements for our residents. I would love to hear about your ideas for how we can improve and grow Columbia Heights’ housing mix. Please contact me and let’s start a conversation.

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