Murzyn Hall

Murzyn Hall has been a beloved building in our city that has been home to many city events over many decades. I believe it is the heart of our community.  It is a place where children can enjoy dance, martial arts and plays. Adults and seniors can enjoy fundraisers, bingo, yoga, dance, celebrate birthdays, weddings, and retirements.  Our community center has been so loved and well-used that it is time for some repairs and upgrades.

Murzyn Hall in Columbia Heights

The money we saved from putting our city hall into the new building on 40th and Central can be used to help renovate our beloved Murzyn Hall. With your vote, I would like to be a part of the decisions that go into the project. I would like to make sure that we are able to keep its old charm with the new renovations and repairs, maybe even expand it so that it can handle all the people who love to attend its special events.

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