Columbia Heights Parks

Everyone loves the public parks in Columbia Heights. When the city commissioned a survey in preparation for the 2040 comprehensive plan, “Loving our parks” was the number one comment. Parks are a valuable asset to any city. They can be used during good times and bad, by people rich or poor. Parks improve the health ofContinue reading “Columbia Heights Parks”

Increase Community Policing

In 2009, our city police department chose to adopt the philosophy of community oriented policing. The following is a brief definition of community policing that our Police department relies on to steer their organization forward. “Community Oriented Policing (COP):  Working with stakeholders (neighbors, business people, schools, other departments/government entities) to find out what the communityContinue reading “Increase Community Policing”

Economic Tax Base

I have several priorities on my platform one of which is increasing our economic tax base. This means building larger buildings in key areas of our city. The two run down strip malls on 37th /Stinson and 40th/ Central are prime spots. Strip malls do not bring in a significant amount in taxes, larger buildingsContinue reading “Economic Tax Base”

Central Avenue Store Fronts

Cleaning up Central Avenue was and still is my number one priority as your City Council member!! I asked to place this program on the agenda!!! Staff worked on it, the EDA and Council voted “yes” and here we are!!! So excited to see this article in the Star Tribune!!!  As your Mayor I willContinue reading “Central Avenue Store Fronts”