Redevelop Our Downtown

I am an advocate for the redevelopment of the Central Avenue corridor to include new independently owned businesses, housing, and gathering spaces. A healthy and vibrant commercial center for Columbia Heights makes our city attractive to new residents and businesses. This generates tax revenues that can be used for additional improvements and city services. DuringContinue reading “Redevelop Our Downtown”

Central Avenue Store Fronts

Cleaning up Central Avenue was and still is my number one priority as your City Council member!! I asked to place this program on the agenda!!! Staff worked on it, the EDA and Council voted “yes” and here we are!!! So excited to see this article in the Star Tribune!!!  As your Mayor I willContinue reading “Central Avenue Store Fronts”

Climate Adaptation conference

I think it is important for our city to be prepared for changes in our climate. I stay informed about this topic in various ways, one of which is the Annual Climate Adaptation Conference. I will also be attending Growing Sustainable Communities 11th Annual Conference in November. I look forward to learning newContinue reading “Climate Adaptation conference”