Vote YES!

I attended the Vote Yes Kickoff event last night at Murzyn Hall. As a resident and as City Council member (I am not representing the voice of the council, only myself. ) and hopefully as your Mayor in the future. I wholeheartedly support our schools.

We are experiencing a huge uptick in new, young families moving into our city. I want these young families to stay! By supporting and INVESTING in our schools we are telling these young families that the education of their children is important to us.

Second, strong schools equals a strong community!

Third, education is the bedrock of our Democracy!

Fourth, all students no matter their address deserve to be well educated. Open Enrollment is a state law that allows parents the choice of where they want to send their children to school. In fact, parents have basically removed district lines. We are all educating each other’s children. The parents who send their children from other districts to our school are saying that our schools will offer them the education they want for their children.

Finally, I want all children to achieve, to do their best, to succeed in life! It is important for the well being of our city as well as our country! Please support the Columbia Heights School Bond referendum – Vote Yes this fall!!

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